What We Do

Managed Services

Your Virtual IT Department

The overwhelming majority of businesses that don’t have an IT department employ what’s known as the “Break-Fix” model. As the name implies, an IT professional is engaged only when problems occur.

Managed Services, on the other hand, employs an ongoing relationship with an IT support firm billed at a flat  monthly rate. As a rule, managed services are scalable and can be customized to meet your needs and your budget. This not only allows, but promotes a proactive, preemptive approach to supporting your company’s technology requirements. In addition, costs are predictable.

Our Scalable Managed Services include the Following:


We provide highly responsive helpdesk services to your end users. When you contact us, we’ll already know your devices, their configurations, and their history. Via remote support, we’re able to quickly resolve problems and have you working again in a very short time. We can also schedule after-hours remediation if you prefer.

Our services can be scaled to include support for any or all of the following:

  • Network Administration
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Local & Network Printers
  • Office 365/Outlook/Exchange

We also provide full system administration services for servers, routers, and firewalls.


With the ever-growing numbers and types of threats on the internet today, keeping your systems safe from intruders and malware is more critical and challenging than ever.

We constantly monitor your systems to make sure anti-malware is up to date, systems and servers are patched, and firewalls are performing as required.

We also perform periodic penetration tests to make sure any vulnerabilities are detected and closed.

Backup, Disaster Recovery, & Business Continuity

It’s more than dangerous to assume that since you’re not a Fortune 500 company, you won’t be targeted.  No one is too small to be safe. The harsh reality is that it’s more likely than not that at some time, you will become a victim of an attack.

The question is “Will we be able to recover?”

Keeping you in business is job one for us.  Obviously, if your business fails, we lose a client.

We continuously access and monitor your backup and recovery processes to ensure you are protected and that you can recover in the shortest time possible.