When You Need In-House IT Services, But You Can't Justify the Cost

We provide affordable, scalable, preemptive IT management solutions and digital marketing services

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Outsourced IT Management

You need an in-house IT professional, but not full-time

Your business is growing, and with it, your reliance on technology - but you can't justify the cost of creating a full-time IT position. You need much more than a reactive approach to your IT operations and infrastructure.  You need a professional to bring support, stability, and a managed approach to your technology needs.

We will provide you with just that - one person who knows your systems, your staff, and your business model and who is one phone call, one text, or one email away.

We Provide the Following Support & Management Services:

  • Systems & Security Management
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Mobility
  • Network Monitoring
  • Purchasing
  • Documentation
  • Applications Support
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • Warranty & Subscription Management

Digital Marketing Services

We can also assist you in optimizing your online presence. We've helped many businesses achieve success over the years and continue to play a key role in thier success. We excel in the following areas:


Clean, no-nonsense design and development that uniquely identifies you while communicating the message you want to your future customers or clients.


Using tools such as search engine optimization, ppc ad campaigns, social media, banner ads, and email blasts - we can help you reach your target audience.


By studying your site's traffic and visitor behavior, we can fine-tune your site to achieve your long-term goals or short-term objectives.

More Information

To find out more about our full spectrum of digital marketing services and view our work, please visit our website at www.nocomi.solutions


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